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Discover the power of EGLASS
EGLASS™ encompasses two film technologies which are designed to provide
ultimate privacy, security, as well as control over heat gain and views.

Instant Privacy
Our liquid crystal product (LC Glass) is perfect for situations where privacy on the demand is of the ultimate importance.

Before and After

EGLASS Before and After

With the flicking of a switch, the clicking of a remote, or any other innovative way of controlling power, a room with LC Glass is instantly transformed into a private sanctum. Switching between clear and frosted white, everyone will be impressed and confident their privacy is respected.

The glass is controlled through ordinary house hold power and interfaces with standard electrical switches, state of the art dimmers, as well as most home automation systems and remote controls.
EGLASS Light Switch

Controlling Your View
Our Suspended Particle Device product SPD SmartGlass™ truly puts the power of EGLASS™ in your hands. The revolutionary technology allows you to control the amount of light, heat, and the view coming through your windows.

SmartGlass Before After Fade
SPD SmartGlass™ fades between a soft dark blue to crystal clear in just seconds.

What is most remarkable, is the level of tint is up to you. This glass is completely dynamic and can be controlled to whatever tint is most appealing to you. The applications for SPD SmartGlass™ are endless.

SPD SmartGlass™ can be used as a window, skylight, door, or wall. The application for SPD SmartGlass™ is as limited as your imagination. It can be controlled by SmartHouse technology, sliding switch, motion detectors, timers, or any device that can control electricity.

SmartGlass Light Diagram
   An illustration of how SmartGlass™ filters light.

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